The Cascades Hub is based at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR.

    We run training programs for social changemakers & nonprofit entrepreneurs.

    Asset-based approaches ♦ systems thinking ♦ lean and agile principles ♦ enterprise development ♦ collaborative management. Welcome to the future of non-profits.


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    Co-founded in 2014, Cascades Hub is located in the Art Building at Southern Oregon University (SOU), in Ashland. We exist to support SOU students, graduates and members of the public to develop not-for-profit projects that benefit Southern Oregon communities and beyond.


    We are inspired by 'not-for-profit' enterprises working locally, such as the Rogue Credit Union; Northwest Community Credit Union; First Community Credit Union; Ashland Food Coop; Grange Coop; State Farm Insurance; Farmer's Insurance; Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Ashland Independent Film Festival; The Britt Festival; Rogue World Ensemble; Modern Roots Foundation; Rogue Valley Symphony; Chamber Music Concerts; Craterian Theatre; Ashland Contemporary Theatre; Jackson Wellsprings; Ashland Elks; The Haven; Peace House; Ashland Family YMCA; Schneider Children's Center; Mission Candles; Mountain Meadows; Donald E. Lewis Retirement Community; Goodwill Industries of Southern Oregon; Hospice Unique Boutique; Geos Institute; Post Growth Institute; Phoenix Counseling Center; Crossings Counseling and Family Resource Center; Southern Oregon Aspire; Ashland Chamber of Commerce; The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI); Bellview Grange; Ashland Fiber Network; Ashland at Home; Mt Ashland Ski Area; Asante Ashland Community Hospital; La Clinica; Rogue Community Health; Enhabit; Ashland Post Office; Ashland Municipal Electric Utility; Ashland Water Department; Southern Oregon Roller Girls; Southern Oregon Historical Society; Ashland Art Center; Ashland Garden Club; Oak Knoll Golf Course; The Novalis Project; Mederi Centre for Natural Healing, and the Rogue Hack Lab.


    We offer a space to share resources and ideas in a convivial, co-working environment, while accessing the advice and tools you need to grow.

    The Hub's signature program is The Not-for-Profit Way. See below for more details.


    The following are a list of projects that have come through the training offered by the Cascades Hub


    Be the Change Bully Breed Rescue


    Be The Change Bully Breed Rescue is an organization seeking to reduce the number of bully breed dogs languishing in shelters while working to change the public's perception of bully breed dogs.

    Facebook: /bethechangebullybreedrescue Twitter: @BeTheChangeBBR

    Stage of project: We are Incorporated and preparing to file for our 501c(3).


    - Legal advice/adviser

    - Accountant/financial adviser

    - Donations

    Contact: Kaye Geyler, bethechangebbr@gmail.com


    The Teal Ally uses the power of Tea Ceremony, and Tea Culture, as a
    rehabilitation tool for Veterans, incarcerated populations, and at-risk


    Facebook: /TheTeaAlly Twitter: @TheTeaAlly

    Stage of project: Incorporated 501c(3).


    - Passionate Board Members who feel an authentic connection with mission and possibly a similar connection to Tea.

    - A well running mid-sized SUV to help transport all necessary supplies to our early programs.

    - $5,000 to cover start-up and operation expenses, purchase supplies and tea.

    - Mentors who have experience working with either Veterans through the VA, or with prisons and parole officers.

    Contact: Joshua Alan Young, TheTeaAlly@gmail.com 541-728-3479

    The Green Power Project brings together low- to middle-income
    neighborhoods and solar power installers to enable affordable, mass
    installation of renewable energy.


    Facebook: /SouthernOregonGreenPowerProject

    Stage of project: The project is modeled after an existing organization in CA, NY, and CO. The idea and initial materials have been developed.


    - A co-founder

    - Board members

    - A business manager

    - People with solar industry expertise

    - A community organizer

    - Funds to support our pilot project in Talent, Phoenix, Medford, or Ashland.

    Contact: Marni Koopman, marnikoopman@yahoo.com, 971-221-9868

    Basically Bananas Comedy

    Basically Bananas Comedy runs local training programs connecting people through creative activities.

    Stage of project: A four-week prototype has been successfully trialed.


    - Signups for people interested in the training programs

    - An outdoor training location with associated indoor facilities


    Thrive Education is a nonprofit that helps students get the skills they
    need to succeed in college, faster and at lower cost, than taking
    remedial classes.


    Stage of project: Advanced exploratory stage.


    - Professional tutors, who want to teach one-on-one.

    - Money to pay staff to get this thing started and to pay our tutors.

    - To connect with people and families who want our tutoring and academic support programs.

    Contact: Dee Perez, deeperez@charter.net, 541-776-9005

    Foxtail Forestry

    Foxtail Forestry is a living Christmas tree drop off, pick up and planting service.

    Stage of project: Early stage, exploring partnerships.


    - People to sign up on our interested parties list

    - Feedback through a short five question survey.

    Contact: Tommy Letchworth, tommyletchworth92@gmail.com, 415-407-6473

    Image: "Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) -British Wildlife Centre-8" by Keven Law - originally posted to Flickr as Whispering I love you...:O)). Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://bit.ly/1AIznQr

    The Canticle of the Black Madonna is a groundbreaking opera transforming the lives of veterans with PTSD.


    Facebook: /TheCanticleOfTheBlackMadonna Twitter: @cbmopera

    Stage of project: Premiered in 2014, free screenings planned for 2015.


    - Visit their website, watch video clips, listen to music

    - Sign up for their newsletter

    - Like them on Facebook/follow them on Twitter

    - Attend one of their upcoming events

    - Make a tax-deductible donation

    Contact: Ethan Gans-Morse, ethan@CBMopera.com, 541-778-1211 


    Theatre For Good is producing its first show — Dogpark The Musical — and offers it as a fundraiser for humane societies, dog parks and animal rescue groups within the state of Oregon and Northern California.


    Facebook: /Theatre-for-Good/812665728825019
    Stage of project: Theatre For Good is ready to be incorporated and with adequate funding, Dogpark The Musical could begin its inaugural tour Fall 2015
    - Volunteers and donors who will help us mount the show.
    - A van for the cast, stage manager and costumes; a small truck for the set, lights and sound equipment.
    - Costume and set designers.
    - Volunteer carpenters and scenic painters to build and paint the set
    - A rehearsal space large enough to tape out the dimensions of the playing area.
    Contact: Jahnna Beecham, jahnnabeecham@gmail.com, 541-941-3301  

    Rogue Valley Church is a community of people that pursues authenticity in our relationships with one another.


    Facebook: /rvyopro Twitter: @rvyopro

    Stage of project: Established 501c(3)


    - People to come on a Sunday and see it for themselves

    Contact: Rob Leonis, robleonis@gmail.com, 541-840-4099

    Rogue Climate

    Rogue Climate is a grassroots organization that brings
    communities in Southern Oregon together to support practical solutions
    to climate change that will result in cleaner energy, sustainable jobs,
    and a healthy environment. We promote community conversations and
    engage people through creative art projects and educational
    events, making our voices heard on local, state, and national policies.


    The Not-for-Profit Way: A series for changemakers!


    Next course likely to be offered February, 2018


    Contact us at info@cascadeshub.org to express your interest


    Week 1: Applying an Asset-based Approach to Social Change

    Discover and expand your knowledge of how to develop powerful talks, articles, campaigns, projects and teams using an asset-based approach.

    Week 2: Refining Your Ideas

    Gain greater clarity on what it is you are trying to achieve with your idea, project or organization. Learn how to develop a brand pyramid and summarize your initiative in just one page.

    Week 3: Incorporating Your Nonprofit with Ease


    Walk through the steps required to incorporate your nonprofit in Oregon and gain federal 501c(3) tax exemption.

    Week 4: Building a Beautiful Website

    Learn how to build beautiful websites from scratch, without any knowledge of web development. Participants will have the chance to build a website during the workshop.

    Week 5: Advancing Your Social Media Skills


    Learn how to craft the perfect Facebook message, drop in hashtags and design posts for maximum virality. Craft the perfect Tweet, and discover the opportunities direct messaging provides.

    Week 6: Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


    Explore whether crowdfunding suits your situation, the formula for running a successful crowdfunding campaign, tips and tricks for inspiring your audiences to give even more, and how to coordinate your team's efforts.

    Week 7: Presenting like a TED Speaker


    Learn how to inspire an audience about your idea, project and vision. Covering body language, vocals, content creation and many more tips and tricks you'll leave feeling confident and ready to pitch to an audience like a TED speaker.

    Week 8: Making Meetings Fun and Efficient


    Learn how to make meetings fun and effective, with a truly participatory method for group decision making. Discover the powerful, sociocratic process to ensure the greatest wisdom emerges within your group, in the shortest amount of time.

    The Instructor: Donnie Maclurcan

    "One of the most incisive, visionary, constructively provocative thinkers/communicators I’ve encountered in a very long time.” 

    Jeff Golden, Former Commissioner, Jackson County.

    Donnie Maclurcan Ph.D. is a passionate advocate for all things not-for-profit. Using an asset-based approach, he has assisted over 300 projects and organisations to scale their impacts with extremely limited budgets. His experience draws on working as a social entrepreneur, having co-founded Project Australia, the Post Growth Institute, Free Money Day, the (en)Rich List, the Post Growth Alliance and Cascades Hub. An Affiliate Professor of Social Science at Southern Oregon University, he is currently co-writing two books: How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-For-Profit World by 2050; and The Not-for-Profit Handbook: How to Start, Scale and Sustain Community Projects in an Ever-Changing World.


    A five minute overview of The Not-for-Profit Way training program, from the Spring 2015 cohort.


    Donnie Maclurcan

    Hub Manager

    Kate Lundquist

    Event Manager


    Based in room 102 of the Art Building at Southern Oregon University, the Hub is open 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday.


    Hear about upcoming events, workshops and progress at the Hub


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